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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What size unit will I need?
    We offer a range of different sized units at our three facilities. If you are unsure of what size is best for you give our friendly staff a call or head over to our Storage Calculator and let it do the calculating for you!
  • How do I use the storage calculator?
    Add all the belongings you are needing to keep safe, and the storage calculator will work out the best sized unit for you. It is great for suggesting the best way to pack your unit as well!
  • How much is it to store?
    Prices of storage units vary depending on the facility and size you are after. Check out each of our locations to see the prices of our units.
  • Are your units powered?
    Our sheds are not powered. This helps us to keep costs low and focus on providing secure and convenient storage for your belongings.
  • How do I book a unit?
    Booking online is quick and easy! 1. Click your desired location and select "Book Now". 2. Find the unit size you are after and enter the date you wish to move in. You can reserve a unit up to 14 days in advance of your desired move in date. 3. Enter your details for the contract, make payment and the unit is all yours! We will contact you with further instructions for facility access. Alternatively, you can contact one of our friendly staff and we will assist you through the move in process.
  • When can I access my unit?
    You can access your unit 24/7 at our Cleveland and Victoria Point Facilities. Our Capalaba facility has restricted 5:30am to 7:30pm access hours.
  • What can I store in my unit?
    You can store almost anything in your storage unit, however, there are certain restrictions. Prohibited items include, but are not limited to, living animals, perishables, flammable materials, firearms, toxic waste or anything illegal.
  • Can you insure the contents of my storage unit?
    Unfortunately, we do not offer insurance on the belongings you store in your unit. You may organise insurance for your belongings or store at your own risk or check if your existing home and contents insurance extends to stored items.
  • How long can I store my belongings?
    You can store with us for as long as you like! We have a 1-month minimum rental period which will automatically continue until you give is 14 days’ notice of vacation. Don’t worry, we will refund any remaining rent on your account providing you have stored past the minimum rental period and provide 14 days’ notice!
  • How will my belongings be secured?
    All facilities have CCTV footage and access control systems along with perimeter fencing and after-hours security monitoring to help keep your belongings safe!
  • Who can access my unit?
    It is completely up to you who you give access to. Please note you are responsible for all individuals who you give access to.
  • I have something being delivered to my storage unit; do you accept deliveries?
    Unfortunately at this time we do not accept deliveries on behalf of our customers. If you would like to have something delivered to the storage unit you will have to arrange to meet the delivery driver at the facility or organise access.
  • How can I pay for my unit?
    To make it easy and convenient for you, we have a range of payment options. For online credit/debit card payments you can use our Manage Account function on our website. Alternatively you have the option to pay via EFT, BPAY, set up a direct debit or organise recurring credit/debit card transactions. Talk to our team for any assistance required with payments today!
  • Do I need to give notice when I want to move out?
    Yes please! We require 14 days’ written notice of vacation.
  • Is there a staffed office at each site?
    We have two office locations at Victoria Point and Cleveland. Please go to facility locations to find the office closest to you!
  • Do you sell Boxes and Packing Supplies?
    We sure do! Have a look at our box shop online or visit one of our office locations to see our supply of boxes and packing accessories.
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