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Storage Boxes in front of a self-storage shed

Storage Calculator

Not sure what size self-storage shed is right for you?

Redland City Storage offers a wide range of self-storage shed sizes across our three convenient self-storage shed facilities with ground-floor and second-floor options. We also offer open and hardstand storage for caravans, cars, and boats at our Thornlands facility. Check out the shed sizes available at each of our locations or use our convenient storage calculator to find out the best size for you!

Capalaba Unit Sizes 

8.8m x 3m: Mini Warehouse

5.8m x 3m: Single Car Garage

4m x 4.1m: 4 Bedroom Home

6m x 2.73m: 4 Bedroom Home

4m x 3m: 3 Bedroom Home

3.75m x 3m: 3 Bedroom Home

3.9m x 2.5m: 2-3 Bedroom Home

3.75m x 2.45m: 2-3 Bedroom Home

3m x 3m: 2-3 Bedroom Home

2.90m x 2.75m: 1 Bedroom Unit

3m x 2m: 1 Bedroom Unit (Level 1)

2.6m x 2m: Small Storage (Level 1)

2.4m x 2m: Small Storage (Level 1)

2.9m x 1.4m: Small Storage (Level 1)

1.15m x 3.25m: Small Storage

1.8m x 2m: Small Storage (Level 1)

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